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The society of peritoneal surface oncology of India was founded by a group of Indian surgical and medical oncologists specializing in peritoneal surface oncology to promote and develop peritoneal surface oncology as a speciality in India.

Some of the immediate goals of the society are to make us of a systematic data collection system (the HIPEC registry which is now affiliated to the society), to have focused meetings annually and conduct prospective collaborative studies.

The treatment of peritoneal metastases is challenging – quality assured outcomes require not just a focused surgical effort but an equal effort by the medical oncologists, radiologists and pathologists to gain better understanding and expertise in this speciality which is still in a very primitive stage in India.

Though various clinical pathways have been defined by expert centers across the world in order to standardize this treatment, country specific problems and challenges persist and a collaborative effort is essential for trouble shooting and problem solving and developing treatment protocols best suited for Indian patients.

Current Agenda:

  • To have a focused annual meeting
  • To conduct multi-centric prospective studies and archive data to the Indian HIPEC registry
  • To analyze and publish pooled results
  • To have an information sharing platform beginning with a quarterly newsletter
  • To have a transparent functioning of the society giving equal opportunity to all members based on their experience, knowledge and expertise
  • To support young surgeons wanting to pursue this speciality
  • To have a multidisciplinary society and include clinicians from other specialities like radiology and pathology in the activities of the society
  • To formulate Indian guidelines
  • To develop and nurture centers that focus only on peritoneal surface malignancies